Get involved

If you are interested to know more about the Ride all the OS Maps project, or think you might be able to provide any kind of support, I’d love to talk.

There are all kinds of ways you might be able to help me, and I am grateful for all offers of assistance, large and small. I’d be happy to explore how I can perhaps help you be a part of my journey. Examples could include:

Accommodation – because I’m not planning to sleep in a hedge!

Transport (trains, ferries, etc) to get me and my bike to the start of each leg of the journey (which is as much travelling as the cycle challenge itself!)

The bike (including parts, servicing, luggage, tools & accessories)

Me (including clothing, well-being, nutrition)

Technology on the bike and off it to document and share my adventures

Publicity – ways of helping my story – and yours – reach a wider audience of interested people

or any other way you can think of!

Please contact me with any questions or suggestions. For more information, visit the Contact page.