Riding all the OS maps

All 204 of them – by bike – in numerical order!

Answers to questions
I have been asked many questions, some repeatedly (like "Are you camping?" "No!"). However, I was …
November Stats
In the month of November I rode from Map 193 in Honiton to Map 204 at …
Maps 203 and 204 – Land’s End to Fowey – the last day!
It had for so long seemed so far away; but all good things must eventually come …
Maps 201 and 202 – Dousland to Torquay
Dartmoor After yesterday’s gorgeous ride in sunshine from the wild Atlantic coast in Newquay, across the …

I’m Mark Wedgwood. During spring and summer of 2022 I’ll be cycling through all of Britain in a way nobody has (to my knowledge) done before: going through all 204 Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 maps – in numerically ascending order – from the top of Shetland to the bottom left corner of Cornwall.

It will be a journey of up to 7,000 miles, criss-crossing every part of England, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man.

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Watch a short INTRO VIDEO about the trip
Me “working” near Cape Point, South Africa