Cycling all of Britain

Unique, long-distance OS map cycling adventures in 2022 and 2024

Cardinal Spins 1: SW – Day 4
Brown Willy I went to bed in Holsworthy knowing that the next day held the prospect …
Cardinal Spins 1: SW – Day 3
Note – I have now had time to catch up on a full account of yesterday …
Cardinal Spins 1: SW day 2
Today’s ride was on the fringes of what was possible. I rode from Ironbridge in Shropshire …
Cardinal Spins – Day 1: SW from Hathersage to Ironbridge
Today was a brilliant start to my new adventure. I’m in Ironbridge, the cradle of the …

I’m Mark Wedgwood. During spring, summer and autumn of 2022, I cycled through all of Britain in a way nobody has (to my knowledge) done before: going through all 204 Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 maps – in numerically ascending order – from the top of Shetland to the bottom right corner of Cornwall.

It was a journey of over 7,300 miles, criss-crossing every part of England, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man.

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In summer 2023 I cycled between the paired communities of Boring, Oregon, USA to Dull, Scotland. Read more at Boring to Dull – A very interesting bicycle ride across USA, Iceland and Scotland

Now, in summer 2024, I am embarking on my latest adventure: “Cardinal Spins”. I plan to cycle out from my home in Hathersage in the Derbyshire Peak District, to each of the 16 cardinal points of the compass – a journey of about 4,000 miles that will keep bringing me back home! Read more about that in my daily blog above.

Watch a short INTRO VIDEO about the 2022 Riding All the OS Maps adventure
Cardinal Spins – My 2024 adventure encompassing 16 unique journeys starting from my home in Hathersage, Derbyshire, UK