05 Benbecula to Peterhead Other

Maps 26 & 27

The sun returned today! What a welcome change from all the grey clouds and showers. I was starting to lose faith in the Scottish weather altogether; but a day of bright sunshine works wonders. It also brings the cyclists out. In the first couple of hours today I found myself waving hello to more people […]

03 Huisnis to Dunrobin Castle

Day 14 – Back to Stornoway

Skin, it is said, is waterproof. Lycra, on the other hand, is not. Good news, then, that on a day of some dampness, my legs were bare from the knee down. The weather was reasonable this morning in Inverness, and I enjoyed a breakfast latte with my Tesco meal deal triple pack bacon and egg […]

02 Carloway to Wick

Maps 11 & 12 – Caithness

I started the day still feeling very full from last night’s delicious venison casserole. Despite this, there was the not-so-small matter of a 3 course breakfast to contend with, which I had ordered the night before. So I had absolutely no reason to worry about running out of energy as I set off for the […]