October Stats

I had time on my recent long train rides to do some working out of numbers. October was my most productive month of the whole adventure, at least in term of miles and maps covered. I believe I only took 2 days off and they were due to rare instances of foul weather – and absolutely the right decision both times. Otherwise, my only hours of respite were the complicated train journeys back from the east to west coasts. I did this between different coastal outposts on six occasions in October, and in so doing, completed the six longest coast-to-coast (or in one case almost coast) rides of the entire trip, across the widest parts of Britain.

In the month of October I rode from Map 123 Lleyn Peninsula to Map 193 Honiton, before bowing out once again to the weather. That is 71 maps in a month. Or just over a third of all the maps. Not bad.

With 11 maps still to go, here are the updates in full:

Separate train journeys made with my bike: 97 (28 in Oct)

Separate ferry journeys made with my bike: 67 (1 in Oct)

Official miles cycled in numerical map sequence: 6,447 (2184 in Oct)

27 days of cycling in Oct at an average of 81 “official” miles per day.

193 OS Landranger maps visited in numerical order (71 in October).

2 days of cycling in Oct with company (Thomas, Neil, Izzy, Penny)

9 evenings staying with friends or family in Oct.

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Monster riding in October Mark! Great stats! Will you be working out your total elevation climbed – that would be really interesting to see too!

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